What to Add to Corn to Make it Taste Better?

Last Updated on July 3rd, 2023

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Corn, or Maize, is an agricultural plant that has been a part of cultures for years beyond count, and throughout those ages, people have been making many different ways to prepare and cook this versatile vegetable. 

This can be done in two basic ways, on the cob or off. On-the-cob recipes are fun. Most call for the use of butter to act as a sticky ingredient to hold other flavors on the cob. 

Then you have the cob, which the kernels can be eaten by themselves or with simple seasonings, put into a stew or soup, salad, salsa, and a whole plethora of different recipes. 

What are Some Traditional Seasonings used to Enhance Corn’s Flavor?

The most often solution, or used seasonings, will be salt and pepper. Easily added to corn on the cob or as kernels within another recipe, salt n pepper creates a staple enhancement for most foods, not just maize. 

A fun classic will be the buttered corn on the cob, which, just as a tip, is best done immediately after boiling. There is also a traditional Mexican food that will be a twist on this basic traditional corn on the cob, which adds a bit of mayo and grated cotija cheese. 


How can you Incorporate Different Types of Cheese into your Corn Dishes?

In the section above, there will be a tasty combination between corn and cotija cheese; however, there is more than just this one cheese flavor to incorporate into your next maize dish. 

These chefs will grate the cotija and sprinkle it on the cob after rolling them in butter and mayo spread. 

Another route you could take would be mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and corn kernels. You can then add butter, salt and pepper, or add some spice with curry and paprika. 

The truth is that corn can be added to a bunch of different dishes. Finding the right cheese flavor combinations to complement the corn takes creativity. 


What are Some Creative Ways to Add Spice to Your Corn Recipes?

We touched on the corn on the cob and the Mexican variety, but have you tried battered corn on the cob, which uses a thin breading, and grated cheese? 

One could create a crispy twist on a classic favorite. To get deeper into the salsa conversation, consider how chilies, onions, and peppers can alter a flavor palette and make good use of the kernel’s ability to absorb flavors. 

Speaking about cornbread, a creative bake can incorporate any of the flavor palettes mentioned above that can be the easiest way to try out new corn-spice or corn-cheese combinations. 


Can you use Herbs and other Aromatics to Give Corn a Unique Twist?

In the sections above, we commented on how soups and stews can use different flavors to change how corn tastes. However, when it comes to aromatics, these types of foods are the most pungent and pleasant to inhale.

Below is a list of different items to improve your next corn dishes, which use herbs and aromatics to improve the dish:


  • Curry – normally has a spicy aroma but also has a special set of seasonings to accomplish the wanted flavor palette.
  • Stir-fry – using rice or noodles. These flavors include teriyaki, and soy sauce, to name a few.
  • Using stock or bouillon – beef and chicken stock can be the perfect aromatic and taste enhancer when you need a boost of the meat’s natural flavor. 


What Unexpected Ingredients to Add to Corn Will Surprise Your Taste Buds?

A pleasant surprise that awaits your taste buds will be the cotija cheese-based Mexican corn on the cob, but an unexpected addition to consideration will be a squirt of lemon and lime juice. 

The citrus provides a bit of a pop, in contrast to the strong cheese flavor of the cotija and tajin spices. 

You may not normally think of corn as an ingredient that is appropriate for sweeter dishes. But, surprisingly, fruits like blueberries and peaches pair well with corn, especially in yogurts or sweeter salad mixes. 

One last surprise, take a shot at Korean sweet corn ice cream. The mixture has real corn kernels, offering a unique surprise for your taste buds.


Final Thoughts on What to Add to Corn to Make it Taste Better

Corn, or maize, is one of the veggies that has been provided for families and tribes for generations. Today, it has become one of those unique veggies that allows for a new level of creativity when it comes to creating foods with it as an ingredient. 

I might add that corn is used in American whiskies, which can shock and surprise those not privy to this kind of information. 


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