What Kind Of Apple Is Half-Red, Half-Green?

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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We see a lot of weird things on the internet, and if you’ve been here for a while, you’ve probably seen some bizarre photos of fruits. From banana kiwi to white strawberries, it’s hard to tell what ones are real and what ones are photoshopped.

You may or may not have come across a photo of a single apple that appears to be half red and half green. You may be wondering, is that real? Let’s discuss everything you need to know about the apple.

Some apples on a tree - What Kind Of Apple Is Half-Red, Half-Green?

Is the Photo of an Apple Split in Half-Green, Half-Red a Photoshop?

When searching for the specific apple, you may come across an array of photos of the alleged two-colored apple. Some of these photos are likely to be photoshopped.

What this means is that some of the images may be altered to make the features of the apple look cleaner, more precise, or more dramatic than usual.

However, the apple itself is natural. The half-red half-green apple is real, and it really does happen. Every apple has a unique name. So what is this one called? Is it a mutation? How common is it to see this apple? Let’s talk more about it.


What is it Called?

The natural phenomenon itself doesn’t have a name at this point in time. However, it does typically happen to regular apples like Golden Delicious. For some, this may occur with other types of apples they may have growing in their orchard.

There have been few farmers in the past that have come across the phenomenon. All of the ones that went public so far have been small-town local farmers.

All were genuinely shocked by their discoveries, and so were the colleges, scientists, and media in which they shared their findings.


Is a Half-Red Half-Green Apple a Mutation?

While all the photos of this apple may appear to be completely fake and unreal, it is an actual natural genetic mutation or phenomenon.

Some will argue that the mutation is instead more of a developmental anomaly. However, research on the apple is very limited due to how rare it is.

This leads us to how common these apples really are, as well as if these types of apples are the rarest in the world. Surely these are not the only rare apples in the world, so what is?


How Common are These Apples?

These apples are not common at all. In fact, the phenomenon is extremely rare. It’s said to happen in more than one to a million, which really comes to show it’s hard to come across these in a lifetime.

Due to the apples being so rare, there is seemingly little research on them. It’s rare to see the colors split down the middle of the apple. However, it’s less rare to see an apple that’s been striped with those red and green colors.

Surely those working at your local grocery outlet in the produce section have seen some phenomena like so.


What is the Rarest Apple?

While the half-red half-green apple phenomenon is extremely rare, there is one apple that is also considered to be rare.

Black Diamond apples are found in the mountains of Tibet. These are not black, but instead, they have a beautiful deep purple hue that makes them genuinely mesmerizing.

Indeed there are so many other types of apples out there in the world that have not been discovered or have not even been developed yet for us to experience. As far as mutations go, there are indeed so many different fruit-related mutations, such as the Pink Pearl apple.


Final Thoughts on Half-Red, Half-Green Apples

Apples that grow to be half-red and half-green are usually produced from Golden Delicious apples. Photos found on the internet can often be photoshopped.

However, some of these photos are real. Just because some of the images are not real does not mean this is not a natural phenomenon.

The natural genetic mutation does not have a name, and it has been lightly studied due to how rare the apple actually is. It’s said these apples are one in a million. However, they are not the only rare apples in the world, compared to Tibet’s Black Diamond apples.

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