What is Korean Corn Ice Cream?

Last Updated on July 3rd, 2023

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Be ready because the Korean sweet corn ice cream is going to be a dessert worth trying. The wafer cone comes in the shape of an ear of corn, with details like a husk at the base, perfect for an entertainment surprise during a hosted event or evening with friends over. 

Inside there is going to be a thin layer of chocolate filled with ice cream and kernels of corn. Popular in Korea, it has made its way over to the United States in the form of packaged ice cream sandwiches while also being available at the local H-mart or Asian food market. 

What Does it Look Like?

Picture an ear of corn, just freshly cut from the stalk and husk intact; these treats will have a green lower portion of the ice cream sandwich as the husk, along with the yellow and white kernel look of a traditionally grown sweet corn variety of maize. 

When you take a bite, a thin layer of hardened chocolate will act as a container for the ice cream inside. 

The ice cream will be of various flavors, but you will see a few corn kernels, which will most likely be of the yellow and white varieties in which farmer-grown sweet corn on the cob would appear. 


What is it Made of?

First off, there are going to be real corn kernels in the ice cream, which will be flavored vanilla, strawberry, and other sweeter flavors. 

Next will be the thin chocolate, which comes in dark and milk chocolate varieties, then the wafer cone, a basic enriched flour, and sugar, with various other ingredients as part of the mixture. 

Above is a basic description of the simplest kind of Korean sweet corn ice cream sandwiches. There are going to be many varieties and flavor combinations to try. 

Even consider using a sugar cone to add a touch of sweeter flavor to darker chocolate-based ice cream. 


What Does it Taste Like?

This is ultimately decided by the flavor of the ice cream (traditionally a sweet corn flavor), chocolate lining, type of ice cream cone, and if there will be any additions beyond corn kernels. 

Assuming you want the classic sweet flavoring found in vanilla sweet corn flavors, you would only have to make sure to get a milk chocolate lining. 

This treatment aims to provide a sweet taste while emanating a sweet, unmistakable aroma. You are allowed to use other flavored ice cream, which does change the taste and texture of the area. 


Where Can You Buy it in the US?

There will be ways to get these ice cream sandwich treats directly from Korea or a manufacturer, but there will also be local convenience stores that will carry these treats. 

Look for a local H-Mart or Asian-themed grocery or convenience store where other such treats and goodies are sold. 

One known manufacturer and producer of Korean Sweet Corn Ice Cream sandwiches is Lotte, which is located in Seoul, South Korea. 

Possibly more popularly known for its line of Health One brand food products, the Korean Ice Cream Market provides these tasty dessert treats. 


How Long Does it Take to Prepare It?

Creating these treats will take multiple days to complete, and there is a need to create the ice cream and bake the waffle cones. 

Then you will also have to add the process of adding the thin layer of chocolate, which needs to cover the ice cream but also line the waffle cones to prevent soggy situations. 

As far as getting it shipped, it takes about fifty-three days for anything to go out of Seoul and into United States Customs. 

So, if you are going to use these deserts as an entertainment treat, be sure to plan ahead or work with your local H-mart to get those ice cream sandwiches on time. 


Final Thoughts on What is Korean Corn Ice Cream

As with many trends in the United States, it starts on one coast and migrates across the nation. 

Korean Sweet corn Ice cream is making this trip across the continental forty-eight. Many corn farmers will be pleasantly surprised by the idea and possibly even be able to make a version of their own. 

Another thought to entertain, would you consider eating this dessert? This could be a fun way to celebrate harvest time, equinox and solstice celebrations, or even a fun Easter treat to surprise the kids. 


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