What Cheese Goes Best With Mushrooms?

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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Depending on the dish you make and the type of mushrooms you use, certain cheeses are better pairs for different mushrooms. The best cheeses to have with mushrooms are:


  • Parmesan
  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar


In this article, we are going to guide you through choosing the best cheese and mushroom pairs. There are common and popular types of mushroom and cheese pairings, but there are also some pairings that don’t go so well together.

For example, an aged cheese with a complex flavor would not be a good pairing for portobello mushrooms, which already have a strong flavor. We will discuss a few more of these things in detail and help you make the best mushroom and cheese pairings for your dish.

A chef cutting mushrooms on a chopping board - What Cheese Goes Best With Mushrooms?

How Do You Choose the Best One for You?

Of course, any dish you make will be up to your own personal taste, but there are some mushroom-cheese combos that never miss when it comes to flavor combinations. If you like stronger, more complex flavors, mushrooms like intense portobello or earthy porcini mushrooms pair well with salty parmesan or creamy mozzarella cheese.

For mushrooms with milder flavors, nutty cremini or light oyster mushrooms pair well with aged cheese or cheese with a stronger flavor like gouda. Whether you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich featuring mushrooms or a flatbread pizza topped with cheese and mushrooms, be sure to pair intense mushrooms with mild cheese and mild mushrooms with strong cheese.


What are the Most Popular Cheese Types to Eat with Mushrooms?

Mozzarella and parmesan cheese are two popular choices for pairing with mushrooms. You see it with pizza all the time, mozzarella cheese, sauce and mushrooms. We know it works perfectly together.

The cheese and mushroom pairing also shows up in many pasta dishes, as well. Most pasta recipes featuring mushrooms and cheese often combine:


  • Portobello and parmesan cheese
  • Cremini and goat cheese
  • Button mushrooms and cream cheese


If you want a fail-proof combination, the most popular combination of cheese and mushrooms is to use mozzarella cheese. This is a combination that works fine whether you are making pasta or pizza.


Cheeses that Do Not Go with Mushrooms

When understanding which cheeses not to pair with mushrooms, it depends on the mushroom.

As we discussed, for stronger flavored mushrooms, choose mild cheeses.

If you have something like a portabella mushroom, a strong cheese would overtake the flavor of the mushroom, so it would be best to pair it with a milder cheese.

So, while there is not a specific list of cheeses that do not pair well with mushrooms, there is a general rule you can follow to get the best results.

If you pair mild cheeses with mushrooms that have distinct flavors and follow the same rule with milder mushrooms by pairing them with stronger cheeses, you can achieve the perfect balance of flavor.

This is the best way to navigate mushroom and cheese pairings.


What Cheese Can You Stuff Mushrooms with?

There are a few cheeses that work perfectly for stuffing mushrooms including:


  • cheddar
  • ricotta
  • mozzarella
  • cream cheese
  • parmesan


Most stuffed mushroom recipes you will find that involve cheese will list one of these cheeses as one of the ingredients. The recipes may include other things like herbs and garlic, but these are the best cheeses to use for stuffing.

We have already mentioned a few of these as good pairings for mushrooms, and if you want to add an extra cheese garnish to your stuffed baked mushrooms, parmesan cheese is the way to go.


What is the Best Cheese – Mushrooms Combination?

For a fail-proof cheese and mushroom dish, we suggest using mozzarella cheese as your go-to pairing. As we have stated many times, it pairs well in different types of dishes, so even if you are making a grilled cheese, flat-bread pizza or pasta, mozzarella and mushrooms will always be a good combination.


The most common way to combine these two is, of course, on top of a pizza. If you have not tried your pizza with mushrooms on top, it is a great way to judge whether or not cheese and mushrooms are a match made in heaven.


Final Thoughts on Cheeses that Go Best with Mushrooms

Remember our advice on pairing mild and strong flavors and always keep the balance when choosing the cheeses and mushrooms you want to combine.

Now that you have got the rundown on how to pair your cheeses and mushrooms, you are prepared to go out and make that pasta dish you have been waiting on or finally trying your pizza with mushrooms on top.

We think we have exhausted the two words cheese and mushrooms in this article, and we hope you got the message: cheese and mushrooms are a perfect match.


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