What Cheese Goes Best With BBQ?

Last Updated on July 3rd, 2023

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It is no secret that cheese has become a popular, well-loved dairy product that is paired with almost anything these days. Think about it briefly: would you have a burger, pizza, or even mac and cheese without cheese?

Known to enhance flavors, whether you like it creamy, salty, or downright stinky, the human population cannot seem to get enough cheese. 

Do you like cheese with your BBQ food? Cheese is a great dairy product to complement BBQ because it adds that extra level of complexity to a dish, but how do you know which cheese to choose?

Which Cheese Is The Most Popular Combination With BBQ?

Proving to be the most popular cheese used with BBQ is Halloumi. Thanks to its high melting point, the fact that it manages to retain its shape even once grilled, and the exhilarating burst of flavors after being BBQ’d, halloumi is by far the favorite choice. 

For the more health-conscious BBQ enthusiasts, Feta cheese not only has fewer calories and fat content, but it is also a great option because you can use it in a variety of ways. 

For example, use it as a topping for a salad by simply crumbling over the top or marinating, grilling, and serving to your guests on skewers. 


What Are Some Other Cheese Options?

Thankfully cheese is so versatile that you could use almost any cheese, the more common ones being mozzarella, cheddar, and even brie. Cheddar is the easiest cheese to begin your BBQ journey with if you are new to the grill.

If you feel like experimenting, a decadent cheese such as provolone can be grilled to ooze that thick, creamy, and downright magnificent melt that gets your juices going in the adverts. 


Should You Use Different Types Of Cheese With BBQ?

You should absolutely experiment with different types of cheese with BBQ. You have to consider what you’re looking for. Different cheeses are capable of different outcomes. 

Are you looking for melting, gooey cheese? Do you want your cheese to hold its shape and grill nicely with those charcoal grill lines on the outside? Are you after a salty taste but with a chewy texture? 

In order to find your absolute favorite and go-to cheese for BBQ, you need to be brave and try new things that you may have dismissed before. 


Which Ones Aren’t A Good Combination With BBQ?

There is, in fact, a small community of semi-firm cheeses that do not and will not melt under direct heat or indirect heat; they are stubborn. These include queso panela, queso fresco, ricotta, paneer, and soft goat cheese. 

Due to the variety of cheeses, the only way to get to the bottom of a good or bad combination is through trial and error. Human taste buds are so specific to the individual that what might seem a nice combination to one may be greatly sickening to another. 

Encourage yourself to focus more on what you want the cheese to do, whether you want it to melt all over or hold its shape and be slightly gooey in the center if you like a chewy cheese that holds its own rather than being paired directly with another item. 

These are all things to consider when you want to come up with a winning combination. 


What Cheese Doesn’t Melt For BBQ?

As touched on for a moment above, there is a group of cheeses that do not melt regardless of whether they are in direct or indirect contact with heat. These stubborn cheeses are known as acid-set cheeses. 

Cheeses like goat’s cheese, ricotta, queso fresco, and paneer are incapable of giving you any melting action. This is all to do with the science behind the acid that exists in these specific cheeses, making it impossible for them to liquefy. 


Final Thoughts on What Cheese Goes Best With BBQ

For some, perfect BBQ food doesn’t exist without an oozing slice of cheddar; the more gooey, the better. 

For another, the Halloumi skewers on the side of BBQ make the flavors really pop. 

Whether it accompanies the main dish or is used as the show-stopper, cheese is capable of it all. 

Its versatility provides endless BBQ possibilities, with rich, sharp tones to taste. Cheese is a no-brainer for BBQ. Have the confidence to experiment with different cheeses, and be sure to share your delectable cheese delights with your friends and family. 


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