Korean Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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This corn-infused wafer treat is a combo of chocolate, ice cream, and sweet corn kernels. Ice cream and chocolate are familiar names in the dessert world, but corn? You might ask what that’s doing inside your ice cream.

While this viral dessert has stirred up mixed reviews, it’s definitely worth a try, and we are here to give you all the details on this Korean treat, like where you can get it and how to possibly make it at home.

First, we’re going to get into what it’s made of so you know what to expect when taking a bite of this corn-shaped dessert.

What is it Made of?

As we mentioned, this sweet corn treat is a combination of familiar and unfamiliar flavors. It is made of four crucial parts:


  • corn-shaped wafer
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • sweet corn kernels


The corn-cob shape that holds the ice cream, chocolate, and corn kernels is actually a wafer cone. Beyond the milk-chocolate coating inside the wafer is ice cream that can be described as vanilla or even slightly popcorn flavored.

Some forms of this ice cream forfeit the wafer and chocolate, but the ice cream itself always involves the same things: sweet corn and ice cream. Inside the ice cream, frozen corn kernels serve as sweet, chewy surprises to enjoy with each bite of ice cream.


What does Corn Ice Cream Taste Like?

The overall flavor of this ice cream is sweet. The wafer and chocolate with the ice cream combine to make a sweet flavor. The frozen corn kernels inside the ice cream are also sweet. Corn stands out to us because we are not accustomed to having corn in our ice cream. However, peanuts, chocolate chunks, and cookie dough are toppings we are familiar with.

Corn is not the main point of this dessert. As strange as it might be for us that there is corn in the ice cream at all. This ice cream becomes more of a textural experience from the corn rather than being ice cream with an overwhelming flavor of corn.


Where Can You Buy it?

Korean sweet corn ice cream is not hard to find if you have an H-Mart or Asian supermarket in your area. Sweet corn ice cream can be found under different brand names, but the packaging is usually the same, no matter the brand.

You can often find the ice cream packaged in a dark green wrapper decorated with graphics of, you guessed it, ears of corn! Because it is a Korean treat, the packaging usually has Korean writing on the outside. All in all, finding this dessert is easy, thanks to the hard-to-miss green packaging decorated with cobs of corn.


Can You Make it at Home?

While it will be slightly different from the store-bought version, you can make this sweet corn ice cream at home and pop a couple of scoops into a cone for an added crunch. If you’re going to attempt to make this at home, here are a few things you will need:


  • fresh corn
  • whole milk
  • heavy cream
  • egg yolks
  • sugar


These simple ingredients give you the basis for sweet corn ice cream. Other optional ingredients are salt, rice cereal, or Korean cornflakes. After you’ve gathered the elements to make the dessert, the next steps are to mix the corn with the milk and cream. Then you will take the usual steps to make homemade ice cream.

There are many recipes for sweet corn ice cream online, and although some of them originate from different cultures, it usually ends in the same sweet, corn-filled dessert.


How Do You Serve it?

For the sweet corn ice cream served as an ice cream sandwich in a corn-shaped wafer, you could just enjoy the ice cream as it is straight out of the package. If you are going to make it home, a couple of scoops of the ice cream in a bowl garnished with a few extra sweet corn kernels on top is a perfect, simple way to enjoy this dessert.

Overall, there is no real set way to enjoy this ice cream, and it is all up to you. However, the ice cream flavor is unique enough to enjoy on its own.


Final Thoughts on Korean Sweet Corn Ice Cream

When you started this article, Korean sweet corn ice cream may have sounded like an odd dessert combination. After reading the article, sweet corn and ice cream might make perfect sense as a dessert. Maybe now you’re even tempted to try it or make it home.

Of course, it still might seem strange, but at least now you know what is in it and what to expect if you ever decide to try it.

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