Is SquarEat For Real ?

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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If you have seen the ad for food compressed into nondescript squares, then you have seen SquarEat food.

This company is real – they turn whole foods like salmon, sweet potato, and even desserts like carrot cake into small, ready-to-consume 45g square portions.

The company’s goal with its square-shaped food is to provide those with busy lifestyles with a healthy and easy way to lose weight through their portion-controlled square meals.

The squares can be combined to create whole meals, and they promise 10 hours saved on cooking in the kitchen. While the square-shaped foods might look like something out of a dystopian fiction movie, they are real, and you can try them yourself if you’d like.

Where Can You Find it?

SquarEat has a physical location in Miami, Florida, where the square meals can be obtained through curbside pick-up. There is no dine-in or delivery from the physical location, but they do have a website where you can order weekly deliveries or packs of meal squares.

There are different meal plans, and each type of square, whether it is a fish square or veggie square, can be found through their website or physical location. SquarEat is not yet available in common grocery store chains.


Are the Products for Sale?

As we mentioned above, SquarEat products are for sale and can be purchased through the company website or at their physical location in Miami, Florida. No subscription is required for SquarEat products as long as you make a minimum purchase of $30.

If you want to make a subscription, several different meal plans are offered for weekly delivery. There is also an option to create your own personalized meal plan with the different food squares. Also, the squares can be purchased a la carte.


Is it Healthy?

One of SquarEats main goals is to make healthy eating easy and possible through their revolutionary food squares.

The company boasts its use of 100% natural ingredients and a low-temperature thermal shock cooking method to preserve the nutrients of the ingredients without using additives or preservatives.

Besides their use of all-natural ingredients, the squares are all made into 45g portions so that customers do not eat oversized food portions. In addition, most of the food options in SquarEat’s meals are fish or vegetables, so there are no chip squares or french fry squares.


Can Anyone Eat it?

SquarEat is made for anyone who wants to try a new and innovative way of healthy eating.

They also offer plant-based or vegan meals for those who don’t consume animal products.

SquarEat is also great for anyone who is short on time or has food sensitivities. The squares make it easy to eat simplified food in a pureed form that has been hardened into a chewable square.

Also, as we mentioned before, users can create their own meal plan using the available food squares or pick from the different pre-made meal plans provided on the site.


What Does it Taste Like?

SquarEat claims that their squares are even tastier than the foods in other meal kits.

Some who have tried it say that the squares are flavorful. Others say the squares are a strange texture and lack flavor.

The company also suggests certain types of cooking methods, like frying the squares in a pan, to boost the amount of flavor in each square meal. SquarEat also has a small selection of their own all-natural sauces that can be paired with the square meals.

Squares can be paired based on a customer’s different tastes, whether you are pairing rice squares with salmon squares or enjoying the company’s Choco Pancake square.


Final Thoughts on Is SquarEat For Real

SquarEat is a controversial food kit startup that turns whole foods into compact food squares. They offer meal kits using different squares that can be combined into different meals, including fish, chicken, beef, and plant-based meals.

Some argue that the squares are bland and flavorless, but the company boasts that the squares are full of flavor–even more than food kits that don’t compress their foods into squares.

However, the flavor is not the company’s goal. Instead, SquarEat created its food squares to provide a convenient and natural way to eat healthier without taking a lot of time to cook.

Their innovative food squares have turned a lot of heads, and we will just have to see how this food square company will shape the future of meal kits to come.

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