Is Shrimp and Grits pescatarian?

Last Updated on July 3rd, 2023

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When you think about diets, some minds will go to sodas and wonder if they are for a healthier diet. Some will think about specific diets designed to target specific body types and remove certain calories from daily food consumption. 

To help those not privy to what pescatarian means, think about Pescado, the Spanish word for fish. Logically, you will insinuate that this diet is based on seafood but will also require high amounts of fruits and veggies along with a split concerning dairy products. 

Therefore, a dish of shrimp with non-dairy-based grits will qualify as a pescatarian-friendly diet. 

What does Pescatarian Mean?

As touched on above, pescatarian diets are going to be based on fish and other forms of seafood. The foods eaten include fruits and vegetables, grain-based foods, legumes, and freshwater and seawater-caught fish, shellfish, and other water-living earth life. 

There is a debate among certain members of the pescatarian lifestyle, including on whether or not a person following this diet should be allowed to consume foods that are dairy-based or eggs of any sort. 

Mind you, this means that desserts, such as cakes and pies, that require eggs and dairy will be removed from the menu. Then you have the less strict fish lovers who want to make and eat their cakes too. 


Is all Seafood Part of the Pescatarian Diet?

In a word, a person following a fish-based diet can expand to mollusks and shellfish, even as extreme as calamari or otherwise. That being said, there are a few very important distinctions to address if you are to follow this diet.

You are to avoid any meat, which means beef and chicken, bison, or any land-based animal meat. Then again, two camps will allow for eating eggs and/or dairy-based products, including cheese and milk. 

So, to sum it up, you can have anything that comes from a water-dependent living earth animal. 


What Food Group are Grits?

Grits is a traditional First Nations food, which has evolved into a Southern United States (for many others as well) staple side entrée.

 In addition, indigenous Americans have been growing maize for many generations, which led to the creation of different types of corn meal.

Some are used to make tostadas and others to make simple nutrient-rich foods that pack easily and can be made by just adding water when out on a hunt. 

Basically, grits are vegetables that are ground up, similar to how oatmeal is eaten. This food base has become diversified in the meals it can use, such as pescatarian dishes featuring shrimp or freshly caught fish from the river.  


How Can You Tell What Pescatarian Food is?

As was detailed in the article earlier, there are going to be certain foods that are avoided, including all land-based egg, dairy, or meat sources. However, once this can be processed, all foods that are left over will be considered pescatarian-friendly dishes and plates. 

To put it simply, anything that has seafood or fresh river caught-based courses that does not have any land-based animal products. You can have any fruit, veggie, or fungal-based food that is grown on land; paired with a good salmon, clam chowder, or lobster and crab leg.

Now, for those that are going to follow the second line of thought, breakfasts that feature eggs and salmon will be pescetarian friendly. 


Are Grits and Shrimp Carbs or Proteins?

To start with, shrimp, which is meat from a crustacean that lives in seawater, is considered an excellent protein source. However, when we think about grits, there are certain ingredients that will need to be isolated and addressed. 

For instance, corn meal will be a solid source of starches, a complex carbohydrate; most think about the quick-burning sugars, but starches are the longer “burning” forms of ATP. 

Depending on the recipe, restriction beliefs on milk, butter, and other dairy products, along with eggs, grits can carry healthy amounts of calories from lipids to complex proteins to fast-burning carbs. 


Final Thoughts On is Shrimp and Grits Pescatarian

Shrimp and Grits is only one type of after-breakfast combination recipe that features maize-based grits paired with a good seafood entrée. 

There are going to be many more dishes and meals in which these two ingredients will be present, as well as many others that will include only the grits paired with other seafood or river-caught meat. 

There are vast amounts of room for the creativity involved in this diet type, as long as you can be comfortable without any land animal-based meats. 

Many Northwestern Region United States First Nation tribe members, pacific islanders, and others around the globe live on such pescatarian diets to this day. 


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