How do you melt shredded cheese for a sandwich?

Last Updated on June 12th, 2023

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When it comes to a sandwich, the varieties which sprung from such a simple concept are fantastic, similar to how the taste of a well-executed melt can be for those eating them. 

Now comes the fun part, some recipes will call for different methods in which to melt the cheese to be used for a particular type of sandwich. 

Grilled cheese sandwiches require the chef to place the completed sandwich upon a griddle, or heated pan of some sort, to crisp up the bread but also to heat the cheese to a melted gooey consistency. 

Other sandwiches, such as French dips or fondue bit-sized creations, will require melted cheeses to be dipped in or to be drizzled as a sauce. 

What Options Do You Have?

When it comes down to it, there are going to be many forms in which melted cheese can be an ingredient; from the previously mentioned grilled cheese and fondue dippers to the melts and toasted varieties, there are a plethora of different melty cheese sandwiches being made. 

That is the fun of a sandwich, the creative ways in which you can place ingredients in between two pieces of bread. 

Consider having a small pot to melt the cheese, place the ingredients onto the pieces of bread, and then drizzle the cheese to ooze into the meat and veggies of the sandwich. 


How Do You Melt Shredded Cheese Quickly?

Depending on how the shredded cheese is being used as an ingredient, it can be melted in a few different ways. 

We start with having it sprinkled on as a last ingredient to a recipe, to be heated in the microwave or sandwich press, griddle, grill, or oven. This will melt the cheese, much in the way a pizza looks after being cooked. 

Otherwise, you will be able to add it to a pot, similar to how blocks or cubes of cheese melt when added to a stovetop or campfire setup. The last idea will be using a ‘toasting’ process or heat lamps to melt the cheese along a conveyor belt. 


How Do You Melt Shredded Cheese Without It Getting Hard?

This will be all timing, and there is a point at which heat must be removed to preserve the gooey nature of anything that is cooked. Take cookies, for instance, and chocolate chip cookies are best right out of the oven when the chips are warm and gooey. 

Pizza is best right out of the oven, or maybe a few minutes after it cools, but especially when at a restaurant and the cheese stretches as you pull a piece from the pie. 

The same timing is required for sandwiches, which takes a certain amount of experience and patience to master. Consulting the recipes will help give a general guideline on which to heat your chosen sandwich. 


Why Doesn’t Shredded Cheese Melts Well?

This is due to simple science, surface area. Take a cube of cheese, for example. Melting a large brick takes time because only the bottom portions are being melted at one time. So the best would be to slice the block into smaller portions to melt quicker. 

The issue with shredded cheese is that you will require ample amounts of it to cover portions. 

Therefore, spare amounts of these cheese varieties could disappoint, which could be considered not the best for melting. In lighter sandwich varieties, having less cheese could be considered better, but be cautious not to burn it either. 


How Long Does it Take to Do It?

You can make melted cheese very quickly, using higher heat on a stovetop or hotter fires for campfires or brick ovens. 

However, this is at greater risk of burning or scalding the cheese. Better to start warmer and to turn the heat down to lower temperatures quickly to avoid this possibility.

This can take a matter of minutes or, in the oven, upwards of an hour at lower temperatures. Each method calls for different cooking times to create the right textures and consistencies. 

Consult the recipes. Each sandwich type will have different cooking times, techniques, and steps for which cheese can be used; shredded, melted, or otherwise.  


Final Thoughts on How do you Melt Shredded Cheese for a Sandwich?

From a lighter salad-based sandwich, which only needs a light sprinkle of shredded cheese, to the heavier meatball sandwiches that require pizza amounts of shredded mozzarella, there are plenty of varieties.

Sandwich creators have been using cheese creatively since the conception of ingredients being placed in between two slices of bread. Just as a reminder, cooking cheeses to the right texture is the key.

Finding techniques that create different textures of cheese might stumble upon a flavor you previously hadn’t encountered. 


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