How do You make chicken soft and juicy?

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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Chicken is a fast-cooking meat and can be easily burned at higher heats, and the key is to slowly cook the bird and give it time to cook from the inside. The juices will heat up inside the breast and leg meat, allowing for a more tender whole chicken.  

With that as a basic start to the bigger picture, you then can add techniques such as basting the chicken in melted butter or veggie oil-based seasonings. 

Finally, consider using the oven for baking at a controlled temperature which can be the answer for a crispier bird, along with juicier non-breaded varieties of cooked chicken. 

Chicken dish served on a white plate - How do You make chicken soft and juicy?

What are the Common Tricks you Need to Know?

The first trick is finding a way to cook the bird slower. Grilling or baking the bird in the oven for whole chicken would be best. 

The next would be to consider chicken breast on the stovetop, turn the temperature down and allow for the juices, oils, and spreads to boil, and slow cook the meat. 

These two slower techniques allow for the golden browning of the skin and any breading that may be added for flavor and crispy texture. That being said, another thing to make a note of will be the times you check on the bird. 

Most chefs will give whole birds longer periods of time, but also remember that legs, breasts, or thighs will need to be checked more frequently. 


Which Spices Should You Use?

This will be up to the chef and most likely depends on the recipe being prepared, but simple, juicy chicken using simple base sauces, marinades, and dressings with liquid to them will help provide the right combination for more tender and juicier meat. 

Here is a list of the chef’s favorite spices to use for the next chicken dinner:


  • Black Pepper – provides for better skin browning.
  • Cumin – Good for grilled chicken and gives a spicy kick with earthy tones.
  • Cayenne – Better for baked chicken or fried chicken recipes, provides kick-like cumin.
  • Coriander – Provides a citrusy, nutty kick which is perfect for lighter chicken dishes.


Which Temperature is the Best for Preparing Chicken?

Depending on the method in which a person wishes to cook and which portions of the chicken are being prepared, we start with baking a whole bird in the oven. 

This temperature setting will be best started out around four hundred degrees Fahrenheit, to which the dial should be turned down to somewhere in the three hundred degrees range, settings will be adjusted in accordance with the size of the bird. 

If we speak about the stove top, starting with a low temperature and working your way up to a medium setting provides a better chance of not burning the meat.

Similarly, the grill will need time to warm up but then be brought to a medium setting, using the lid to help conduct heat similar to an oven. 


What do You Soak the Chicken in to Make it Tender?

In this article, we will cover two perspectives on this topic; first, we look at breaded chicken, which will likely be soaked in an egg-based solution to help create a sticker surface for the breading ingredients to hold onto. 

When it comes to grilled chicken, the key will be in the marinades and sauces used to flavor the meat. If prepared with tenderizing fork methods, those juices penetrate the meat, which soaks all that up, which then cooks in all that juicy flavor. 

Some basic chicken prep techniques will call for washing the portions or whole birds and soaking them in water for a while. 


What Makes Chicken Juicy?

The moisture which makes a cut of chicken juicy will be the natural juices that occur naturally when the meat is heated up; the other source will come in the form of sauces, dressings, marinades, and the like, which are introduced during the prep stages of the recipe. 

Slow cooking, there cannot be more of an emphasis on this when it comes to cooking chicken with the intent of having a juicier bird or cut of chicken. 

Lastly, slow cookers or crockpots, consider cooking whole birds in these cooking apparatuses; in addition, it will be a nice broth to make soup with. 


Final Thoughts on How To Make Soft and Juicy Chicken

Cooking chicken is relatively easy when it comes to meat; you can make a mistake, pivot, and still salvage a meal with chicken. Plus, it is a versatile ingredient that can absorb flavors and be a part of both light and heavier dishes. 

It has the versatility to be finger food but is also prepared in more formal dishes, pasta, soups, stew, too hot wings, and fried drumsticks. 


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