How Do You Get Batter to Stick to Jalapeños

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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The key to frying up a nice crunchy piece of fried chicken will be clean hot grease and a perfect consistency of flour, and for the smaller pieces, there will be a need for a finer coating. 

Then for the clincher, using eggs provides the crucial gelatinous element that keeps baked goods together and fried food batters for chicken, along with Jalapeños. 

Consider using simple baking techniques, such as soaking the fresh jalapeño peppers in water before rolling them in the egg mixture, to be pressed and rolled in the batter and dough and placed in the fryer.  

jalapeno poppers with a cup of garlic sauce and red chilli beside - How Do You Get Batter to Stick to Jalapeños?

How Do You Get the Flour to Stick to Jalapenos?

The key, as mentioned above, is going to be in the eggs; having enough yolk will be one primary helper in providing a sticky enough surface to which the batter or flour can cling. Consider a chef’s trick from a place in the rocky mountains. 

He would score the skins of the peppers, just enough for there to be something for the batter to grapple to. 

Another method of ensuring the best hold on the pepper will be allowing the bread coating to set, even as long as overnight. This will let the breading mixture congeal harder around the pepper, then frying it up the next day becomes all the easier to prepare. 


Should You Soak It in Water?

There is always a step that every good chef takes when it comes to preparing vegetables, especially freshly grown products from local farmers. 

This is a cleaning step, to which you should rinse off the vegetables under hot water so that any bacteria or microorganisms that might have hitched a ride from the garden or farm can be washed off and the pepper decontaminated. 

This can then be the primary step to scoring or dipping the peppers in the egg yolk mixture. In short, many chefs will have a step in which they soak the jalapeño in water. 


Should You Dry it Before Frying?

This will be a matter of opinion, but for the most part, the moisture from the soaking will be helpful in providing some polarity for which water is best known. 

Then you have the step in which you soak the peppers in egg yolks, and this, too, will not need the chef to dry off the jalapeños. 

This wet sticky mixture will also be needed to ensure that the breading stays in place, provided the recipe was followed correctly. So, to answer the question, no, you should not dry the pepper before frying it, but you should let the bread set in the fridge before frying. 


Why Won’t the Batter Stick Sometimes?

This is because of the Jalapeño naturally waxy outer skin, which can also be found on many other peppers. 

This protective membrane or outer layer is designed to keep dangerous elements out of the blossoming fruit, protecting the next generation of plant life in the form of seeds. 

As mentioned before, in some kitchens, it was taught to score the pepper or remove the outer membrane, which opens up the pepper a bit and takes away that slick surface, giving the batter and yolk something to grab hold of when it comes to the batter and breading. 


How Long Does it Take to do it?

There will be many different recipes and prep times when it comes to cooking a breaded jalapeño dish. But, for the most part, when it comes to overall processes, prep can take up to a day and require the peppers to sit in the refrigerator overnight. 

Take into account the time it takes to preheat the grease and get the fryer ready, and then on top of that, you add the preparation time; are you cooking this from scratch or using premade bread and other ingredients? 

In general, it will take around a half hour to an hour to prep and coat the peppers; after an overnight stint in the ice box, frying only takes about the same, a half hour to an hour total. 


Final Thoughts on How do you get Batter to Stick to Jalapeños

When it comes to frying anything, having a strong, sticking breading begins with egg yolks and a good flour batter. 

If you have the day before to prepare this dish, you will be all the better for it, being that all you will have to do the following day will be to drop the Jalapeños into the fresh hot fryer. 

If you are crunched for time, consider using some chef’s tricks or switching to a poppers recipe which requires slicing the jalapeño in half before using cream cheese to stick the two halves back together to be breaded and then fried. 


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