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Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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HelloFresh is a popular meal service that provides pre-made meal kits for customers depending on their tastes, diet restrictions, and the number of servings they need.

The delivery is weekly, and the menus for each week vary. Customers are provided with measured ingredients for curated recipes depending on the options above.

Freshly is another meal service that delivers chef-cooked meals right to your door. This meal service focuses on a health-conscious philosophy of using less sugar, less processed ingredients, and more nutrient-dense recipes.

Below, we will outline the differences between each service and compare their prices and quality. We will also list their pros and cons and reveal the final verdict on which service is best.

Fruits and vegetables on a plastic crate - HelloFresh vs Freshly

What are the Differences Between These Two?

The main difference between the two is how they provide meals.

HelloFresh provides kits or boxes that contain all the ingredients needed to prepare a specific recipe. However, the customer does have to do some cooking and prepping to have their meal.

Freshly, on the other hand, provides already cooked meals. In addition, freshly advertised that all you need to do is pop the food into the microwave, and in less than 3 minutes, you have a hot, healthy meal. No cooking and no prep.

While being able to pop a meal into the microwave and call it a day seems convenient, it also closes the door to different meal options and add-ons, which is another difference between the two services.

HelloFresh has more flexibility in meal options because it is sending a kit, not a ready-made meal, which gives customers more control over things like seasonings and, as we mentioned, meal add-ons.


Which One has Better Quality?

Users of the two services have commented on three things when it comes to quality:


  • Ingredient freshness
  • Ingredient quality
  • Meal flavors


Freshly gets high ratings when discussing its commitment to using only the highest quality, healthy ingredients.

Despite the need to microwave Freshly meals, some say that the meals still taste very fresh. Others, however, do comment that the microwave affects the taste of the foods.

Speaking of flavors, Freshly is not well-known for boldly flavored foods. Some users describe the meals as bland and often need seasoning or salt added. This is a negative point for meals that should be ready to eat.

HelloFresh, on the other hand, boasts bold and bright flavors that many users love. HelloFresh is committed to sustainably sourcing its ingredients and boasts that its ingredients are straight from the farm.

However, because of its use of different food suppliers, some users have noted incidents of receiving boxes of food where some of the ingredients were less than fresh or had even gone bad.


Pros & Cons: Hello Fresh vs. Freshly?

When it comes to pros and cons, the differences between the two are pretty cut and dry.

Freshly pros include:


  • The ready-made chef-cooked meals
  • No prep or dishes
  • Perfect single-size servings perfect for on-the-go eating


It is obvious that Freshly is after the heart of customers who need healthy meals fast. However, if you are not feeding a family and you don’t have time to cook, Freshly has a heavy list of pros. However, there are some cons to Freshly, like:


  • No accommodation for diet restrictions (other than gluten-free)
  • Limited meal options
  • Meals only come in single servings


Freshly’s lack of meal options and diet restriction accommodation dampens the quality of its service, but as we said, it is convenient for those short on time who don’t need large servings. Now, here are the pros of HelloFresh:


  • Wide variety of meal choices
  • Highly rated, flavorful meals
  • Add-on options


HelloFresh is geared toward efficient home cooks, so you get the experience of cooking diverse meals with bold and interesting flavors without having to go grocery shopping or figure out measurements. Now, the cons:


  • Time-consuming meal prep and cleanup
  • Pricey shipping


Because HelloFresh only provides ingredients for recipes and not ready-made meals, you will spend time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, which can be time-consuming. In addition, the $8.99 price for shipping on every box can add up over time.


Price Range: Hello Fresh vs. Freshly

Freshly’s plans are based on how many meals you choose per week in your plan. The base number is 4, and for four meals per week, it is $12.50 per plan. After that, you can choose a plan with up to 12 meals per week, at which point the price is $9.58 per meal.

With HelloFresh, the price is measured by the number of people on the plan and the number of recipes used each week.

The price is $11.99 per meal for two people and two recipes. So you can have up to 4 people on the plan and up to 6 recipes per week, which comes out to $7.99 per meal.

Similar to Freshly, the more recipes and people on the plan, the lower the price.


Final Verdict: Hello Fresh vs. Freshly

For overall value and flexibility, the final verdict is that HelloFresh is the best option when compared to Freshly. With HelloFresh, you will spend more time in the kitchen, but ultimately, this gives you more freedom to customize your meals and more menu options.

It is also the best option because it is accommodating for those with a family or single individuals and provides great value for the number of recipes per week. Of course, both options are convenient and will save time, but today, HelloFresh comes out on top.

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