Chocolate Stout Syrup

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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If you can imagine a rich, dark, beer-infused syrup, you are probably thinking about a chocolate stout syrup. It is a grown-up-friendly chocolate syrup treat, perfect for drizzling over desserts or breakfast.

Suppose the syrup is unavailable near you, no worries. The chocolate stout syrup is easy to make and only takes a few minutes. First, though, we will talk more in detail about what a chocolate stout syrup is and what makes it unique (spoiler alert: the beer).

Marshmallow dipped in chocolate syrup = Chocolate Stout Syrup - Chocolate Stout Syrup

What is a Chocolate Stout Syrup?

You can make chocolate stout in two different ways:


  1. taking a chocolate stout beer and reducing it to a syrup by cooking or
  2. by taking a stout beer and adding chocolate with other ingredients.


Now, there are different beer syrups and even chocolate beers. Chocolate stout syrup combines these flavors to create a rich, flavorful experience enjoyed by beer and chocolate lovers.

Stout beers are used in this recipe because they are usually sweeter. They are not sweet like candy, but they often have notes of coffee and chocolate with other creamy and malty flavor notes.

This flavor profile makes it a perfect match for chocolate syrup. Some cooks opt for porter beer, which is smoother and less bitter than its stout counterpart.

However, porter and stout beer work fine for chocolate stout syrup, as they both emphasize the chocolate flavor.


Where Can You Buy This Type of Syrup?

Most chocolate stout syrups are homemade and are unavailable in chain-grocery stores.

You can often find them in liquor stores or specialty gift shops that carry beer syrups and chocolate stout beer. Some online shops carry beer syrups of different kinds, including chocolate beer syrup.

Although, you should note that the chocolate beer syrup sold online and in-store often refers to chocolate stout beer syrup. This syrup is chocolate stout beer cooked and reduced to a syrup with no extra ingredients.

There are few places where you can find beer syrup or Chocolate Stout syrup. If you try to find Chocolate Stout syrup online, you will likely find hundreds of recipes for making it at home.

This point brings us to our next big question: can you make it at home?


Can You Make a Chocolate Stout Syrup at Home?

We have tiptoed around this question throughout the article, but we can finally tell you what the short answer to this question is: yes, you can make Chocolate Stout syrup at home.

Here are the main ingredients you’ll need:


  • Semi-sweet or dark chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Your choice of stout beer
  • Cocoa powder
  • Vanilla extract


The key to making the best chocolate stout syrup is choosing a stout beer that is thick, dark, and has those notes of coffee, vanilla, and malt that we mentioned before.

After you have all your ingredients, mix them in a pot over medium heat, leaving out the vanilla until the chocolate has melted, and you remove your sauce from the heat.

Then, after it has cooled, add the vanilla, and voila! In less than 10 minutes, you have a perfect chocolate stout syrup.


How Long Does it Take to Make it?

As mentioned above, the recipe for the chocolate stout syrup should only take up to 10 minutes from start to finish if you have all your ingredients.

The only steps for making the syrup at home are a bit of stirring and mixing over medium heat until the chocolate completely melts.

After that, your syrup is complete, and when it cools, it will be ready to serve with whatever you like. Below, we will share some recommendations for foods you can eat with your stout chocolate syrup.


What to Eat Chocolate Stout Syrup With?

We have described the flavors, ingredients, and final steps to making a chocolate stout syrup. So now that you have your delicious syrup, what can you eat?

From breakfast to dessert, there are many things you can eat Chocolate Stout syrup with like:


  • Pancakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Ice cream
  • Pies


You can even mix your chocolate Stout syrup with milk to make a malty chocolate milk drink.

Of course, this syrup is also an ingredient in recipes for different cakes, beer floats, and other decadent dishes. There is a world of possibilities for enjoying this syrup, and the choice is yours.


Final Thoughts on Chocolate Stout Syrup

Maybe you came here to find the best option for buying a chocolate stout syrup, or you were just curious about it.

We have taken you through its main ingredients, flavor profiles, and how to make it at home. You could even buy it online or in a specialty gift shop if you prefer to buy it premade.

You can pair Chocolate Stout syrup with breakfast, snacks, or dessert. You can even use it to make chocolate milk, which is good any time of day. Whether you buy or make it, there are unlimited ways to enjoy this rich and delicious chocolatey treat.

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