Wood-Fired vs. Brick-Oven for Pizza

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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Are you a fan of cheesy, scratch-made pizza? There’s nothing like a perfectly cooked pizza straight from a wood-fired or brick oven.

Both ovens are specifically made for creating food that is delicious, but they have their own special features that you may like.

Today, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about these two ovens, so you can decide which one fits your household.

A pizza in a flaming oven - Wood-Fired vs. Brick-Oven for Pizza.

What are the Differences?

Wood-fired and brick ovens most certainly have their differences. Here’s what they are:


Wood Fire Oven


  • Fueled by wood only
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Cooks food as quickly as 90 seconds
  • More maintenance than brick ovens
  • More ongoing costs compared to brick ovens


Brick Oven


  • Can heat up via electricity or gas
  • The brick oven heats up faster
  • Cooks food in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Doesn’t have the smoky flavor that the wood-fired oven has


Even with these main differences, both of these ovens can cook pizza perfectly. It all depends on your budget and the flavor profile you are looking for.


What is Similar Between the Two?

Even though the two ovens have their differences, here are some shared similarities they have:


  • Both ovens use radiant heat for cooking the pizza
  • Both ovens can cook other food besides pizza, such as bread, roasts, and more
  • These ovens are built to last
  • Both of these ovens have a certain style to them that will fit nicely in the indoor or outdoor kitchen


See how they’re similar? Either one is great to have in the home when you want to make pizza.


Which One is Faster?

As far as cooking speed, the wood-fired oven is much faster than the brick oven. It can literally cook a pizza to perfection within 90 seconds.

The brick oven takes 3 to 5 minutes to cook food, but it provides even temperatures throughout while cooking. Some people may prefer the brick oven if they’re cooking multiple pizzas at the same time.

While wood-fired ovens are faster in terms of cooking speed, it depends on your skill and effort to control the temperature. Where with brick ovens, you don’t have to worry as much, but it takes longer to cook a pizza.


What Type Do Chefs Prefer?

It’s hard to give a single answer because it depends on the chef’s personal preferences and needs.

A lot of chefs prefer the rustic wood-fired oven because it fits with what they’re making. They also may be known for the smoky flavor of the cuisine they’re making as well.

Some chefs prefer to use both ovens because of the flavor and because it saves time. So, depending on their needs, it depends on what they prefer to use when cooking pizzas specifically.


Which One is Easier for Maintenance?

Obviously, brick ovens are much easier to maintain than wood-fired ovens.

This is because the brick oven is made out of fireproof materials like firebrick and can withstand high temperatures. With that said, it just needs a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution to keep it in good working order again.

On the other hand, Wood fire ovens require much more maintenance to keep them working properly. This is what you would have to do if you got a wood-fired oven:


  • Regularly clean out ashes after every use
  • Ensure the chimney is clear. You may need a professional to inspect this regularly
  • Needs a constant supply of wood, which needs to be stored and seasoned before use


So, if you need the easier route, the brick oven is the one you’re looking for. All you need to do is plug it in and maintain it once in a blue moon.


Final Thoughts on Wood-Fired vs Brick-Oven for Pizza

Both ovens can make spectacular pizzas for your next pizza party or dinner. They both have different features that may work for your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Fancy the smoky flavor the wood fire oven gives you? Then clearly, you should look into wood-fired ovens.

Or do you need something that’s easier to use but still produces delicious pizzas? Then, the brick oven does the job.

Whichever one you decide on, you’ll still end up with the best-tasting pizza that you’ve made from scratch!