What Food Can Be Stored At Room Temperature?

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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The common sense thing is not to leave food out, primarily to protect it from animals and the natural elements. When placed in a safe storage space, bread can be stored at room temperature, along with pasta and similar dry goods.

There are also going to be options such as canned goods, dehydrated foods, jerked meats, and plants, amongst many other foods that can be stored at the temperature of the day. Potatoes, beans, and rice are the more commonly known storage foods.

Briefly, we shall touch base on many of these foods and some simple facts about them.

Sacks of dry food - What Food Can Be Stored At Room Temperature?

What can you Eat without a Microwave or Fridge?

The microwave is the quick heat-up solution to a busy day in today’s fast-paced modern age. Morning breakfast sandwiches, to quickly heat up lunch packages, to heat up leftovers to prepare dinner.

There are, however, more accessible food options available, such as nutritional bars with different grains, supplemental vitamins, and minerals, along with daily caloric needs.

Another healthy choice that requires neither a fridge nor a microwave would be fruit. There are many types that can last a week on your counter for casual eating, such as bananas or apples.


Which Canned Food Can Stay Long Without a Fridge?

When you think about canned foods, a massive variety of consumable products do not require freezing, refrigeration, or heating up.

In addition, many will be familiar with SPAM and other banned meats, which can last throughout a weeklong backpacking trip or on the counter for an extended period.

There are going to be many different soups that preserve well, beans or canned fruits and vegetables. The ones that last will be the sealed well, kept in excellent storage away from the sun and other elements.


Which Fruit can last the Longest without a Fridge?

To give some context, the fruits with a natural protective layer will have an easier time outside of the refrigerator than others.

A simple tip for longer shelf life will be to keep the storage space cool to some capacity. Here is a quick list of the most notable types of fruit that can last, for a time, outside of the fridge:


  • Apple – possibly the longest lasting
  • Avocado – Tied with Apple for longest lasting
  • Bananas – when they go wrong, make banana bread
  • Grapefruit – Can last for longer than a week in some cases
  • Oranges – Similar to Grapefruit, specific environments preserve these fruits better


Does Processed Food Last the Longest?

There are going to be foods, like the twinkie, that famously will last if the package remains undisturbed and the plastic airtight. The foods that will last the longest will be dehydrated foods and certain canned foods that are puncture free and out of the sun.

Then you will have long-lasting bags of beans, rice, and dry goods that need only a dry space without any sort of contamination to last years.

One of the most famous of these ‘lasts-forever’ vegetables would be the potato, which has helped many generations through hard times and famine.


Is there Any Meat that can Last at Room Temperature?

There are techniques from the hunting and gathering period which can still be used today to preserve and keep edible meats.

Hunters would bring their kills to the people, who would hang and dry these catches while applying salt-like dressings and seasonings to aid the preservation and storage of this vital food source.

This process is sometimes referred to as jerking, which can be done in a variety of different flavors, but these sorts of meats can last at room temperature for extended periods of time. You can find different Jerky at different convenient stores just about anywhere.


Final Thoughts on What Food Can be Stored at Room Temperature

There are many survival tips and tricks when it comes to food and having the ability to store it for long periods of time. However, there is also a certain amount of know-how that goes into procuring suitable types of dry goods and other foods that can last a room temperature.

This comes into the know-how of the backpacker, survivalist, and other outdoors experts who can effectively maintain dry storage areas for these foods but also keep them safe from mother nature’s animals, insects, and other elements.

Stick to the basics: beans, rice, potatoes, and oats, all known foods to last outside the refrigerator.