Bakers Pride Oven vs. Wood Fire

Last Updated on May 24th, 2023

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Are you in the market for a new oven? Perhaps you’ve heard about Bakers Pride and wood-fired ovens.

Both ovens have pros and cons, and the choice ultimately comes down to the user’s (yours) choice. We’ll take a closer look at each type of oven and help you determine the best fit for you.

Two pizzas and some flaming wood in an oven - Bakers Pride Oven vs. Wood Fire.

What are the Differences?

Both ovens have differences that work well for them. Here they are:


Bakers Pride Ovens


  • Runs on gas or electricity
  • Offer precise temperature control and consistent heat distribution
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and styles, including countertops as well as full-size models
  • Most ideal for baking, broiling, and roasting a wide variety of food
  • Affordable and easier to maintain vs. wood-fired ovens


Wood-fired Ovens


  • Uses wood as the fuel source, therefore giving food that authentic smoky flavor
  • It can be made of brick or clay, and it’s often larger
  • It takes a while to preheat, but it can retain heat for a long time after being fired up
  • Best for cooking foods that benefit from a wood fire’s high, dry heat. For example, pizzas.
  • They are much more expensive and require more maintenance than the Baker Pride ovens.


As you can see, both ovens have their own unique set of benefits. The “better” one is entirely dependent on your cooking style, budget, and the type of food you want to prepare.


What is Similar Between the Two?

As you saw above, both ovens have their clear differences. But fortunately, they do share some similarities. Here they are:


  • Both ovens are designed for baking and cooking food
  • Both ovens can produce delicious-tasting food
  • Both ovens do require maintenance to ensure they are functioning for years to come
  • They have a significant impact on the taste and texture of the food being cooked
  • Both of these ovens are commonly used in commercial kitchens and restaurants


These ovens serve the same purpose: It cooks and bakes the food to perfection. Remember to keep this in mind when shopping for either or.


Which One is Faster?

If you need to get food on the table quickly, it’s clear that Baker Pride ovens are significantly faster than wood-fired ones. With that said, it’s ideal for busy commercial kitchens and restaurants when speed is of the essence to get the food out.


What Type Do Chefs Prefer?

It depends on their cooking style, cuisine, and commercial kitchens. If they need to get food out quickly, it’s better to use a Baker Pride oven, as it preheats quickly and cooks quickly as well.

However, for some cuisines, chefs may prefer to use the wood-fired oven because of the authentic smokey taste that the oven gives. For example, if you go to a pizzeria, you may find they are using a wood-fired oven to make your pizzas.

So, with all this said, it depends on the chef’s preferences and the time which they prefer at the end of the day.


Which one is Easier for Maintenance?

As far as ease, Baker Pride ovens are much easier to maintain compared to wood-fired ones. This is because you only have to clean it once in a while, and you don’t need a professional to inspect it routinely, like with wood-fired ovens.

While wood-fired ovens require more maintenance and need a professional to inspect them yearly for the chimney.


Final Thoughts on Bakers Pride Oven Vs. Wood Fire

We hope that we made your decision easier when it comes to Baker Pride and wood-fired ovens. They both have their differences. However, they have some similarities as well.

It truly depends on your budget and cooking style as well as the size of your kitchen of which one works for your household.